Social Media Marketing: How (and When) to take the plunge

When it comes to social media marketing, all businesses are not created equal. The online profile for a corporation, a small business, a start up, or an individual selling a service vary greatly. Each of these profiles may have aspects in common, i.e. a blog, social media accounts, a website, or any number of other online marketing tools. Let’s compare how a website and a blog might work differently for a large corporation vs. for a small business.

A Website

Both businesses need a website, but the nature of that website will vary.

Large Corporation – A big business needs a full-blown website with multiple pages and a wide variety of content. It needs a web designer and a dedicated department that manages website content.

Small Business – An individual or local business might need a full website as well, but more likely a Facebook business page, Google+ page, or landing page simply to capture potential client information would be more efficient.

A Blog

Blogging can be a useful tool for businesses of all sizes, as long as someone has the time.

Large Corporation – PR Guru Ken Makovsky has a list of reasons big business should have one or more blogs: build relationships, enhance credibility, and be more visible (Why Should Companies Blog?). For a company with a lot of employees and various departments, more than one blog may be in order: somebody from upper management, the PR department, and someone from the foundation of the company or middle management.

Small Business – Time is money, especially for small businesses. Oftentimes “upper management” means the Owner, CEO, CFO, Marketing Director, Sales, and HR department are all rolled into one. In this case, a blog may deter from a small business brand or put more on an already overfull plate, ultimately damaging the business in the long run. Small businesses can use monthly or even bi-monthly newsletters instead of blogs. Tools like Constant contact and MailChimp make this kind of “blogging” low stress.

Not All Social Media is Created Equal

There is a reason that a plethora of social media options exists. They each have their strengths and weaknesses. Just because Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+ all exist, does not mean that you need to have a presence on all of them. In fact, doing so could hurt your brand. This article Not all Social Media Platforms are Created Equal gives you tips for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. The important thing is to do research before you jump into social media. Most importantly, find out if the site’s audience matches your own and if you have the time to invest in using it successfully.

Sometimes Social Media is More Work than it’s Worth

There are even some cases in which social media marketing is not the best route. Jim Joseph, president of communications agency Cohn & Wolfe in New York, writes, “Social media should not be an automatic, but rather a strategically approached medium through which to showcase your brand” (When Social Media is Not Your Best Marketing Strategy).

Ask for Help

There are many companies and individuals out there who have the know-how to make a social media campaign make sense for you and your business. Don’t just go with the first one you find. As with social media options, it is equally important to research your social marketing options and make sure the size and goals of their business match yours.

About Us

Social Structure Marketing is a small locally-owned and operated business. Our goal with any social media campaign is to make your name or your company’s name synonymous with whatever service or product you sell. And your name can’t be known if your not visible. At SSM we believe that visibility is the key element to success in social media marketing.

About Social Structure Marketing

We began helping people make connections and build their online presence in 2013. Our goal is to establish and manage your online presence to make you and your business more successful. Erik is a computer nerd at heart. In addition to his work with Social Structure Marketing, he is a Geo-spatial Intelligence Analyst for the Air National Guard and works in IT for Kemtah and Sandia National Labs. Terryn works part-time from home and also manages; a blog that chronicles her journey through mental illness. We are both out-of-towners; Erik is originally from Tucson, Arizona having moved to Albuquerque in 2010. Terryn hails from northern New Jersey, but has called Albuquerque home since 2005. We have been married since early 2012 and have a home in the NE Heights.
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